WW S2K Dash Conversion Harness

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Domestic Market Of Your Car

What market was your chassis manufactured?

USDM [Subtract $190.00]
JDM [Subtract $190.00]
UKDM [Subtract $190.00]
Vehicle Type
Important for us to know when tailoring to your specific wiring needs.
92-95 Civic EG 
96-98 Civic EK [Subtract $190.00]
99-00 Civic EK [Subtract $190.00]
94-97 Integra [Subtract $190.00]
98-99 Integra [Subtract $190.00]
USDM Del Sol [Subtract $190.00]
JDM RHD Del Sol [Subtract $190.00]
S2000 Cluster Version

What model S2000 cluster are you going to run?

00-03 AP1 
04-05 AP2 (Cannot be newer than 2005) [Subtract $190.00]
AP1 & AP2 UNIVERSAL SPEC [Subtract $90.00]
Add a Converter
Add a ALL IN ONE KTUNED converter to have everything you need in your conversion.
KTUNED All In One Converter Unit (68$ Off) [Add $190.00]


MAY 2015 UPDATE: Free Universal Bezel Now! With purchase of S2000 cluster bundle!


The Wireworx S2K Cluster Harness returns in a All New Bundle with a All New ALL IN ONE signal converter made by KTuned.


***The option to add on a HealTech Speedohealer and Modifry ECT is no longer available or supported.***


If you are like us and love the look of the S2000 cluster but are intimidated by the work involved in installing it then we have the solution for you…Before now, you had to buy all the components seperately, study diagrams, compile other harnesses and worry if you have gotten everything wired in right..............well, Wireworx has come thru for you!


When you order our all-in-one converter box this harness is 100% plug and play featuring all new wire, brand new connectors and pins, milspec rated nylon sleeving and zero solder.


What is all included?

The base price includes the plug and play conversion harness Only. The harness has all the connectors required to connect to the vehicles harness, the S2000 cluster, and a simple pigtail of open leads labelled so user can wire in their own converters or users may elect to purchase our all-in-one converter box made by KTUNED, which offers you a all in one package with nothing else needed for a fully working S2K cluster conversion at the bundle price of $449.99


What do I need? You will need a user supplied AP1 or AP2 S2000 cluster, any associated mounting hardware, a user supplied bezel or shroud solution and our all-in-one converter box. Enthusiasts who choose to forgo ordering our all-in-one converter will be shipped a harness in which it is their responsibility to connect Speed, Temperature and Fuel. Buyer will have to source their own converters for these items and understands that The S2000 dash harness requires these converters which is why we offer the bundle package with the K-Tuned all in one converter.

(We recommend getting the bundle package!)


If electing to purchase our all-in-on converter box then that is the only converter they need for VSS, Temp and Fuel. Users opting for an AP2 cluster MUST use a 2004 or 2005 model year cluster as the 2006 and newer is not compatiable because its uses CAN/BUS computer system.


Our conversion harness is available to order for use with either the AP1 or AP2 model clusters or select the universal application and run both!


You will surely be the envy of your local import scene!


We are working to bring model specific bezels to market so you can have a clean looking OEM install.



Applications: AP1 and AP2 Cluster Swaps into just about any chassis.

The K-Tuned All-In-One S2000 Dash Converter was designed to take the all the guesswork and headaches out of the very popular S2000 cluster swap. This simple, easy to use and programmable converter, allows the user to make adjustments to 3 separate functions: Speed, Coolant Temp, and Fuel Level. The unit can be used with both the AP1 and AP2 S2000 gauge clusters in just about any chassis. Programming is done by connecting the unit via USB to any Windows based computer or laptop and using a simple downloaded computer application.

1) Speed - Converts speed signal from gear-type and magnetic to the digital signal needed for the S2K Cluster
NOTE: Once converted the speed signal remains adjustable a further 25% +/- for very accurate speed calibration.
2) Coolant Temp - Converts the dash coolant temp signal to read properly on the S2K cluster. This is preset in the unit but can be adjusted if needed.
3) Fuel Level - Allows manual adjustment to the fuel gauge on the S2K cluster to match the gas tank on the swap vehicle. Adjustments are made via a small brass dial located on the bottom of the unit.

The K-Tuned AIO-S2K Converter is wired into the engine harness on the interior of the car right behind the cluster. Wiring is simple, with only 8 wires to connect: power, ground, speed signal input & output, temp sensor input & output and fuel level input & output. The converter comes complete with a detachable plug in harness and a separate USB harness which allows the unit to be easily removed from the car and connected to a computer for programming. We also include detailed installation and programming instructions.

Download the application 



We do NOT offer returns/refunds on custom orders, once the order has been placed, the customer will have a 48 hour period to cancel the order, except in the case of replacing goods damaged in shipping or a malfuctioning product, in which case, it will have to be send back to us to be inspected by a Technician who will determine if the product is elligible for a refund. 


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