All Wireworx hand made products come with a special conditions warranty.


These conditions are the following:


If there is a fault or issue with a product received directly from Wireworx to you as the original buyer: Our normal procedure with logging a fault is to have the product un-molested, do not attempt to fix the fault yourself as this will break the conditions. The product has to be sent in, we have to confirm where the issue lays (in our product or the customer car/installer error) and if it was our fault we will proceed from there. If confirmed to be a Wireworx error we will proceed by fixing it free of charge with free shipping back to original buyer. Do not have a 3rd party work on your Wireworx product, no business, shop or professional is allowed to attempt to repair the product them or yourself. By attempting and making changes we have no confirmation on our end of where/what the problem was located and we have no conclusion as to where it originated from or in some cases no proof that there was an issue. A reported fault product must be sent in to Wireworx to confirm fault findings to be correct. There shall be no 3rd party compensation if buyer of product decides to have a 3rd party repair/inspect a Wireworx product at a fee, doing so will also void the warranty.


The reason Wireworx harnesses have the best warranty program around is because if any issue arises, you send it in and we fix it without charging if the issue originated from our end.


If there is a fault or issue with a new or used product received from a 3rd party or non-approved vendor:

The product must be sent in to Wireworx to be inspected, if a fault is found, we will instruct you on the cost of repairs on a per-instance basis. Depending on repairs needed we may opt out of a repair situation and will recommend the product be replaced, this is only in an extreme situation, which is highly unlikely. However we have always been able to offer a suitable repair and do not turn down your situation. Shipping and repair costs must be paid by product owner prior to Wireworx sending back the repaired product.


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