K-Series Raychem Breakouts Milspec Engine Harness

The Wireworx Engine Harness features a stealthy look but is also easily accessible once installed.

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Add A Milspec Connector Mount Plate?
Add A Milspec Connector Mount Plate?
The Milspec plate is necessary to mount
your 2 piece Milspec firewall connector.
Yes, Please [Add $40.00]
No, Thanks 

Option to have a label on each connection for quick & easy identification of sensors.

Yellow with Black Lettering 
White with Black Lettering 
Injector Connectors
Injector Connectors

Select your injectors.>> This is needed to process your order. Because we no longer have core charge on B series, we need to buy you some brand new OEM Injector connectors.

Injector Dynamics 1000/Grams Injectors [Add $35.00]
RDX Honda [Add $35.00]
Evolution X [Add $35.00]
RC/Precision (Comes with 90 Degree Booties) [Add $35.00]
Injector Dynamics 2000 [Add $35.00]
Select your Charge Harness

The charge harness is the needed power wires that connect your engine with your battery. Wireworx charge harnesses use the highest quality materials allowing more juice to flow in your ride.

Seperated Charge Harness with Bulkhead (TO IN CABIN FUSEBOX) [Add $20.00]
K Series Harness routing options

Your choice of OEM style or the sleek "Over the valve cover" harness route.

Over The Valve Cover [Add $65.00]
OEM "T" Route 

Add a gorgeous Milspec firewall connector to your harness.

Heater Core Location (Not for Kseries Over the valve cover) 
A/C Location 
RHD Vehicle?

Right Hand Drive vehicle?

Yes [Add $74.99]

We need to know which Vehicle Speed Sensor connection your ride needs.

Analog (B Series style) Speed Sensor (Near rear mount) 
Digital/Magnetic Speed Sensor (On front of tranny) 
IAT Sensor Style

Some opt for the B series IAT sensor because of its 2 built on mounting points. You can also choose your original IAT sensor.

K Series Style 
B Series (circle connector) Style [Add $10.00]
Need VTEC Oil Pressure Enabled?

Vtec Pressure Sensor is not needed with most engine management systems and JDM ECU's.

NO, Delete it. 
Motor Mounts

Engine placement matters when building the right harness for you!

Hybrid Racing/Innovative/Avid 
Vehicle Type
Important for us to know when tailoring to your specific wiring needs.
92-95 Civic EG 
94-01 Integra 
96-98 Civic EK 
99-00 Civic EK 
94-97 Integra 
02-04 RSX 
Honda Civic EP3 
05-06 RSX 
DA (Need original harness sent in) 
Intake Manifold
ALL IN Fabrication 
IPS [Add $15.00]
Excessive Manifold Side Feed 
Excessive Manifold CENTER Feed 
ITB (Individual Throttle Bodies) 
Jackson Racing Supercharger 
Custom Detachable Options

Option to have detachable sections of your harness so your harness is able to grow as you go and able to adapt to your ever changing setup!

Deutsch Detachable Injectors [Add $35.00]
Deutsch Detachable VSS [Add $20.00]
Deutsch Detachable Alternator [Add $30.00]
Optional User Spare Wires (For Aux usage)

Choose how many spare wires you need ran in your bay. A lot of tuners love this feature as their is already wires ran from cabin to engine bay for any of your AUX wiring needs.

Deutsch 4 way (4 Spare Wires) [Add $39.00]
Deutsch 6 Way (6 Spare Wires) [Add $49.99]
ECU Type

Pick the version ECU that you will be running, this has to be specific.

02-04 RSX PRB 
02-04 RSX PRC 
05-06 RSX ECU 
You will supply The Core harness?

A core engine harness is a harness we use the connectors from to make your new harness. Please no damaged cores. Ship cores to: New Address: Wireworx, 5603 Commerce Drive, Unit 3, Orlando, FL 32839 407-388-5809

Yes, I will send core. 
No, I will pay core charge [Add $100.00]
Integrated ECT/Fan Switch Location

Option to have ECT and Fan Switch integrated in your engine harness.

ECT top water neck, Fan switch bottom rad hose 
ECT+Fan Sw. in KTuned Bottom Housing 
ECT+Fan Sw. In bottom Rad Hose adapter 
No, Thanks 
Logo Color
At Wireworx we offer you the option to customize the logo shrink to your build!
Add a Conversion Harness? (10% off)
Reduced price on our basic/standard conversion harness without custom options. (No Secondary O2, No OBD2/DLC port, No Nitrous customization or custom options.) This is your standard conversion harness its all needed to get your swap running.
EG/DC K20 conversion harness. (No sec O2, No DLC) [Add $260.10]
96-98 EK PnP K20 conversion harness. (No sec O2, No DLC) [Add $260.10]
99-00 EK K20 conversion harness. (No sec O2, No DLC) [Add $260.10]
Flying Lead Race Car/Custom swap DIY conversion harness. [Add $199.99]
Crank Sensor Version
Crank Sensor Version
There are 2 versions of crank sensors on K Series engines. Both are wired differently.
K20 Style
K24A2 Style
The Alternator on K-Series engines sits at different positions, depending on if it's a stock K position of if a K-Tuned (or other brand) Alternator relaction/AC delete kit has been installed. This is important to select the accurate option for your needs.
Stock K Alernator location
Relocated Alternator (Sits Where A/C Compressor is)
TPS Style
Choose your TPS style, this allows you to use either the B Series or K Series TPS units. You can also have the harness hard wired as K Series TPS and we include a plug and play jumper which will allow you to use either.
B- Series
KSeries + B Series PnP adapter jumper [Add $19.99]
MAP sensor style
MAP sensor style
Choose your MAP sensor style, some clients require changes especially when running a B Series throttle body. You can also have the harness hard wired as K Series TPS and we include a plug and play jumper which will allow you to use either.

The Wireworx Engine Harness offers Mil-Spec Teflon coated wire using sfactory wire colors with a maximum heat rating of 200°C individually striped for easy identification and all new sensor connector terminals.The harness is built with aesthetics and functionality in mind. We’ve done years of R&D for proper wiring technique, with all shielded wire used where needed, properly crimped terminals, harnesses are also well fitted with enough slack where needed. It features a stealthy look but is also easily accessible once installed. Brand new wire, Brand new pins and seals.


Wireworx Stage 4 Raychem + Breakout Boots + Milspec Harness Information:

 The Wireworx Stage 4 harness is our Professional level harnesses that are built for your most demanding needs. Comes standard with Raychem sleeving, Amazing BREAKOUT BOOTS and a functional and aesthetically pleasing Milspec quick disconnect connector. - Enables harness to be quickly detached from chassis for easy removal. This Stage 4 harness is as professional as it gets! This is The Harness of choice for all of our Big name customers and serious enthusiasts.


Core Harness Necessary ($100 value)

MILSPEC connector comes standard!

Labels for individual sensors comes standard! 

Break out Boots come STANDARD!

Brand New Injector Connectors if optioned STANDARD.

WIREWORX Milspec Plate comes STANDARD! In your choice of Firewall or Heater Core locations!

You have the option to have The Wireworx tucked engine harness connect directly into your ECU of choice. This option allows you to bypass a lot of your old oem wiring and have a true brand new connection from every sensor to your ecu. This style harness brings the most hidden and tucked look when installed but is also the most functional by refreshing a lot of your old wiring. This style harness requires approx 5-8 wires to be wired in when installed, even though instructions will be provided, some wiring experience is required.


Comes standard with a basic charge harness in your choice of separated (charge wires are not run inside the engine harness loom) Or non separated (charge wires are built into the engine harness loom) versions.

Stage 3 and 4 Harnesses come STANDARD with your choice of sensor Labels in Yellow/Blk or White/Blk

Every Wireworx harness is tested end to end to make sure you receive the high quality and reliable harness you and your project deserves. Every harness guaranteed, factory supported.


Connections Included:

ECT sensor
Knock Sensor
VTEC solenoid
Intake Air Temperature (IAT)

Distributer connections

MAP sensor
ECU plugs
Idle control motor
Speed sensor (VSS)
Injectors 1,2,3,4

Fan Switch

Reverse Light
Oil Sending unit

Optional Connections:

Un-seperated Charge Harness (Only With NON-MILSPEC Harnesses)

Think for the future, Wireworx also offers the option for you to choose the Amount of Spare wires your harness has.





We do NOT offer returns/refunds on custom orders, once the order has been placed, the customer will have a 48 hour period to cancel the order, except in the case of replacing goods damaged in shipping or a malfuctioning product, in which case, it will have to be send back to us to be inspected by a Technician who will determine if the product is elligible for a refund. 


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